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  • Pixelosaur


    Hey there! I am Christina, founder of Pixelosaur. I love crafting neat website templates using clean code, robust design and the latest web technologies. The main principle of my work is that I never built a website template that is not good enough to use it myself. I pay close attention to the detail and I believe that each template must be original with distinguished characteristics, future-proof, and of high quality in order to make your life easier and serve your needs. I am cold blood perfectionist this is why I am strongly committed to continuous learning and improvement.

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  • Ash Flint

    Ash Flint

    I'm a multi-disciplined ideas focused freelance graphic designer based in Nottingham.

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  • DotOrg


    digital & branding design studio based in moscow

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  • Bettrˆ


    We’re about making Bettrˆ WordPress solutions. The kind that make you sit up and take notice. The kind that set trends, not follow them. Solutions that are beautifully simple and simply beautiful.

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  • Daniel Portuga

    Daniel Portuga

    Nice to meet you. I'm Daniel Portuga: "The Smiles Hunter". Creative Direction, focused on digital strategies. More than 18 years of experience, 100 clients, 16 countries, 60 awards and a lot smiles to share. :)

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  • ED.


    ED. is a digital agency based in Canberra & Sydney. We work across the digital, design and branding space to create bespoke digital experiences

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  • Pixelfield


    We offer complete services to support your business on the Internet - from simple websites to web and mobile application on demand, ad campaign management, web content and social networking.

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  • Joint Medias

    Joint Medias

    Joint Medias is a creative support agency that specializes in Web Design and Development, Graphic Design, Audio Recording/Engineering, Video Production, Motion Graphics and Photography.

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  • Leva Engineering

    Leva Engineering

    We are an engineering consultancy where digital experts and non-conventional thinkers strive to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technology for design and the ICT industry.

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  • Digital Profile

    Digital Profile

    We help digital professionals take their next step.

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  • FraDesigner


    UI/Ux Designer and Developer for Innovative digital project.

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  • Creative Click Media

    Creative Click Media

    We are a result driven digital agency in New Jersey focused on creative marketing, web design and development.

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