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29 Sep 2022
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, Colin Simpson from United States
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  • Campground


    Campground is a design studio that specializes in creating brands and experiences for bold companies. As a hands-on creative partner, we strengthen and invigorate brands through effective strategy and thoughtful design.

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  • Lab7 Agency

    Lab7 Agency

    We are an agency based in Solin, Croatia that provides UI/UX services. Our goal is to create applications and websites that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. We work with Agencies and Developers who are looking for custom designs for their clients.

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  • Herman-Scheer


    Herman-Scheer is a brand and growth design studio 
for founders & companies playing the long game. We design for timelessness and lifetime value. 
We make talked-about moments, not just media buys.
 And we create demand, fanatical followings and funding.

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  • Vladimir Timokhanov

    Vladimir Timokhanov

    Vladimir Timokhanov — is a professional artist. The author of illustrations and design of many natural history books that were published in Kazakhstan, England, Switzerland, Netherlands and other countries. He has presented his works at several personal exhibitions, has taken part in a few UNESCO and IUCN projects, and has prepared illustrations for a number of academic and popular journals and Internet sites. Is a 2022 NYC Big Book Award Winner in the category of Childrens Educational with "Visual Biology. Animals".

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