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Royal Tensile Structures is a company that specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of tensile structures. These structures are known for their unique architectural style, utilizing tensioned membranes to create expansive, open spaces that are not only visually striking but also highly functional. Royal Tensile Structure Products: • Tensile Car Parking- This shade provides better protection for all types of weather. So that the vehicle can stand safely inside that shed. • Tensile Walkway Structure- The use of walkway tensile structure is to protect people from UV rays. This is commonly used in walkway areas. • Tensile Auditorium Structure- Tensile Auditorium structure covers all over the side and give a roof over people sitting in an auditorium during winter, summer and rainy weather. • Tensile Stadium Structure- Tensile stadium structure commonly used for stadium covering, giving a sense of roof over fans cheering for their favorite team. • Awning Canopy Tensile- Awning canopy protects our shops, houses and offices. This tensile structure can easily install over your doorstep, window or roof. • Tensile Swimming Pool Structure- To make the water of swimming pool clean, we use tensile swimming pool structure. This prevents outside dust, rain or UV rays directly falling into the pool.