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BrightSwipe, Inc., a leading provider of digital public and dating safety solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary person verification and criminal history checks solution. Available on an iPhone via the web mobile version and in the Google Play Store, BrightSwipe utilizes Next-Gen technology by accessing records in near real-time using proprietary logic to provide users with key knowledge about potential matches and interactions before meeting in-person. This includes verifying identities, checking for criminal histories and detecting potential catfishing activity. BrightSwipe helps users feel confident and safe when interacting with potential matches for dating or other social interactions. BrightSwipe, Inc., a leading provider of digital public and dating safety solutions. By aggregating public records and criminal data to provide a comprehensive check in just a few seconds, BrightSwipe provides three unique verification checks that include: • Anti-catfish Check: Verify the authenticity of your matches to prove they are who they say they are. This allows BrightSwipe to provide an easy to read check that verifies a person’s name, location, age and marital status. • Criminal Check: This service provides a report that verifies and shows a match’s criminal history and past arrest records. • Social Check: Validate someone’s social media accounts to determine if they are possibly a bot or fraudster. This allows visibility into their social media presences, which helps prove their legitimacy.