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Full Circle Orthopedics

Full Circle Orthopedics


Evans House

from United States
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At Full Circle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we are dedicated to helping athletes and active adults recover faster from orthopedic injuries and sports injuries. If you would like to avoid orthopedic surgery and steroids, come see us for an evaluation. We are experts in diagnosing the root cause of your pain, so you can get back to doing what you love as quickly as possible. We offer safe, effective treatments to help rid your pain: 1) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP); 2) PRP A2M Therapy; 3) PRP Exosome Injection 4) Regenerative Options; 5) Gel Injections; 6) Cortisone Shots; 7) Elbow Pain Treatment; 8) Knee and shoulder pain treatment; 9) Shockwave Therapy 10) Anti-inflammatory Injections, and more! Contact us today for consultation! You can contact Phoenix Sports Medicine Center here: 4500 N 32nd St Suite 120, Phoenix, AZ 85018 | (602) 466-9703