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Harnessing our extensive expertise as seasoned service technicians across a diverse spectrum of pool heater brands, we are intimately familiar with every product. This positions us uniquely to deliver the most dependable gas and electric pool heater repairs and maintenance services in the Perth vicinity. Whether your needs encompass fresh components, remedial work, or ongoing maintenance, our mastery ensures that your heat pumps or pool heaters perform optimally. Our prowess extends to servicing and restoring virtually any pool heater available, including but not limited to Madimack, Astralpool, Viron, Hurlcon, Raypak, Rheem, Davey, and Waterco. From intimate residential pools to expansive commercial swimming complexes, we are poised to engineer a tailored, economically sound remedy that aligns seamlessly with your needs. Delve into our recent portfolio of pool heating projects to glimpse our craftsmanship, or contact Scott today at 0403 309 939 to initiate a dialogue and request a comprehensive quotation.