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Neuro Hope Psychotherapy & Neurofeedback PLLC provides a holistic approach to mental health. We are dedicated to enhancing mental well-being through cutting-edge neurofeedback therapy, neuropsychological testing, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT Therapy), and a range of specialized services to address various mental health concerns, from developmental challenges in children to trauma recovery in adults. Our team of experienced professionals includes a licensed Psychologist, certified Neurofeedback, and International QEEG certified diplomat. We also specialize in PTSD, Substance abuse and addiction, Veterans and Military Families, ADHD and learning disabilities, and Concussion. Call us to find out how we can help all ages to support them. Contact Us Here: 7730 N Union Blvd #105, Colorado Springs, CO 80920, United States | +1 (719) 323-3094