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Artsnet is a portal that promotes art and culture. This project involves artists from all over the world. Its principal aim is to produce events that speak the various languages of contemporary art. Artsnet is a brand created by AM PM by Angelo Pieroni. It comes from his personal experience as producer of exhibitions of emerging artists. We collaborate with different artists coming from Italy and foreign countries. We are in touch with other realities similar to us that organize events and take part in International exhibitions.arts&arts Every artist that joins Artsnet will have all the information about our activities, the opportunity of participating in collective and personal exhibitions curated by us in Florence, which is our headquarters, or in other cities. workshop This year we also initiated a series of new services and to encourage you to encourage our members. One of the initiatives concerning the Summer Workshop, thus allowing to deepen their experience in making art, or learn new methods of art production. The other is the promotion of our members from organizations such as galleries and auctions abroad with whom we have relationships. Artsnet.eu was projected by Angelo Pieroni establish new synergies between artists of different backgrounds and experiences, giving attention to quality and personal growth of the artist.