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from India
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A commerce graduate from Hans Raj College I just knew something somewhere didn’t feel right. I was pursuing Masters in Commerce, studying for IAS, this was how it was supposed to be, but it just didn’t fit. Fit is very important, you know. A nice fitted dress can add on to your personality, confidence and panache and well an ill fitted one can do just the reverse. I was my friends and my family’s designer, their only favorite. Designing clothes and styling was something I always enjoyed doing and always related that; to being girly. After interning for six months under Wills India Fashion Week designer Samant Chauhan, I realized my stint with fashion was not a casual fling I could get over easily. It was this relationship and it wanted my commitment. I decided to give it just that and we fit perfectly together like hand and glove and you know-this is where I fit in, where my talent stands out. After returning to my hometown and exploring the whole clothing market, I realized the potential and inherent talent in the hand embroidery workers of Jaipur. Also the talent in “Dyers” who can create such new patterns through hand dye. Hence, the result was the establishment of a design house Nangalia Ruchira, Jaipur