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Mikoto is a gems brand that fills your consistently with magnificence and delight. Made for the lady of today, we offer adornments of value plan and craftsmanship at reasonable costs. days and spring in your means. Our plans and adornments are here to add a perfectly measured proportion of spirit you want on some random day and on some random event. Be it for your most memorable date or for a power present for the 'gram; it very well may be a gift to yourself for accomplishing an individual achievement or the one you provide for your mother from your most memorable compensation; it very well may be for commending a celebration or essentially for a great night out with your young lady pack! We are Mikoto, for the lady of today, one who celebrates in her womanliness. She is warm and cheerful, tomfoolery and cordial, intense and stylish. She knows her own style, yet loves to play with design to make her own. She is you, she is me, she is each lady whose radiance has lit our own.