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Costic is a Restaurant & Food Delivery Admin Dashboard React template that is built to help e-commerce websites have a bird’s eye view on their products and storage. Package Include 50+ React pages that can help you customize how your admin dashboard will look, and you can adjust its design based on your needs.It has a clean, unique, and out of the box design that will make you want to work on your dashboard. With over a 1000+ elements and components, not even the sky is the limit with costic. With user-friendly features developed to allow admins to easily achieve the design they are looking for, with no previous experience required and all located in an easy-to-find menu. Costic | Restaurant Dashboard React Template - 2 Features React js Bootstrap 4.x Unlimited sidebars 1 Restaurant Dashboard Landing page Quickbar jQuery 100+ pages Google and Vector Maps Datatables 100+ Components 1000+ UI elements 2 Color schemes Multiple layouts Quick bar Access 3 Applications Beautiful Charts Perfectly responsive on all screen sizes Easily Customizable Dark Mode Form elements, layouts and wizards Keyboard Shortcuts Credits south-paw/react-vector-maps testing-library/jest-dom testing-library/react testing-library/user-event bootstrap chart.js classnames cropperjs datatables.net datatables.net-bs4, datatables.net-dt driver.js goober, google-map-react ion-rangeslider query jquery-steps jquery-ui jquery.steps react react-bootstrap react-chartjs-2 react-cropper react-cropper-image-editor react-cropperjs react-data-components react-datepicker react-dom react-google-charts react-image-crop react-image-crop-component react-ion-slider react-jquery-datatables react-jqueryui-datepicker react-jvectormap react-perfect-scrollbar react-responsive-modal react-router-dom react-scripts react-simple-maps react-toastify react-tooltip recharts smartwizard sweetalert-react sweetalert2 sweetalert2-react sweetalert2-react-content toastr fonts used Roboto Roboto + Slab All fonts are free to use Note That, Images are only for demo purpose and not included into package