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Kaizen and Cohen

Kaizen and Cohen


Kaizen and Cohen

from United Kingdom
Categories E-Commerce Colours Blue

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This ecommerce website designed by the eponymous Kaizen and Cohen strips away the unnecessary to reveal a site which is a real joy to use. Simple, bright, and intuitive does not have to imply basic, garish, and aloof and this site certainly doesn’t disappoint. From the outset, by placing the vibrant logo front and centre, this website sets out its intention of being completely unapologetic in its appearance. The use of colour in the main site font is a pleasure for the eyes. Fast image loading and detailed, but concise descriptions serve the visitor exactly what they came for without fuss or distraction. Designing a site to be uncluttered whilst being pleasurable is not an easy task, but this responsive site by Kaizen & Cohen shows exactly how it should be done.