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Kidmoto Technologies

Kidmoto Technologies


Nelson Nigel

from United States
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Taxis and car services do not provide secured child car seats for airport car transfers. It is important for parents to find a ride service, like Kidmoto, that provides child car seats and drivers who are trained to use the right car seat for each child. Kidmoto provides airport transportation to traveling families with car seat aged children safely to their final destination in 26 cities. Flying with a baby and young children can be a hassle, and lugging around a car seat or two just adds frustration. That’s where Kidmoto comes in, our app connects parents to drivers who provide a car transportation service with installed child car seats. Kidmoto drivers are trained by professionally qualified car seat technicians. The Kidmoto app is the much-needed solution to family problems with car seat transportation at airports. Therefore parents can ditch the car seats when flying with a baby.