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Punit proteins

from India
Categories Food Colours Blue

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Punit Proteins is a leading wholesale & retail, grains and pulses provider in Gujarat, India. Punit Proteins may be relied on for a wide range of products, from retail supplies to wholesale requirements. They are the greatest in the food industry because of their excellent packaging and dust-free grains and pulses supply. Punit Proteins is involved in the planting, harvesting, processing, and packing of each of its goods while keeping the highest sanitization levels in order to cater to top-quality grains and pulses supply. Punit Proteins' current product portfolio comprises Toor Dal, Rice, Basmati Rice, Wheat, and Chana Dal. Punit Protein manufactures and sells Urad Whole Split Dal, Masoor Whole Dal, Moong Whole Split Dal, Chana Brown, Kabuli Chana, and Rajma under the category of Pulses. On their official website, you can also find a large variety of authentic Indian recipes. Visit the official website for more information and home delivery of bulk orders. Choose Punit Proteins to include the best Indian grains and pulses in your daily meals.