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02 Aug 2021
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from Poland
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Interior Design Agency from Warsaw Poland. Founded in 2015 by Zuzanna Cichocka graduate of Warsaw University of Technology. Our focus is to make every interior a piece of art. We are able to accomplish our projects thanks to working with the best designers on the market. We are doing home and office projects across the country. Our motto is "if we live in a good space where we feel peace and joy, we take positive emotions outside and create a better world." We love simple, functional solutions with an idea, and sometimes even with a hint of sentimentality. Its proprietary analytical method adjusts the design style to the character of the resident, i.e. the design is not only aesthetic but also has a soothing effect on the users. We prepare private, public and urban interior designs. Projects in every scope that you need from the conceptual design, through the detailed design to coordination of implementation. We will adapt to your needs and budget. We are a team of qualified specialists in the field of architecture, interior, graphics, construction and art. We have a database of producers and contractors with whom we have been working for years and who, under our supervision, will implement every, even the most demanding project.