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Atlas World Sports

Atlas World Sports


Robert Kraft

from United States
Categories Sports Colours Blue

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Atlas World Sports is the Kayak/Expedia for sports fans. Through our app launching end of Q3 '21, we aggregate all the data to make it 100% personalized to the end-user along with all online sportsbooks in the U.S. for ease of use. We know that there are a number of places that you could go to get the latest sports updates. We value that you understand that Atlas World Sports is the only sports app in the market to help you eliminate the fear of missing out by making predictions for winners, notifying you, and bringing you all League Scores and News based on your preferences! When you use Atlas, you can have access to all your favorite online sportsbooks much the same way, and then you upload those bets to Atlas for notifications so you can track all your bets before paying off live! Atlas World Sports, bet better!