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On Demand Consulting

from United States
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IAgility is an online on demand consulting platform that help businesses to connect with the qualified and skilled consultants. In this increasingly vitual world we focus on building the better working relationship between our clients and consultants. At iAgility, we are proud of the time and energy we put into building and reviewing our ever-expanding list of consultants. iAgility.com is an online consulting platform created under the MicroAgility Consulting platform LLC owned by MicroAgility, Inc. MicroAgility is an award-winning business transformation agency specialized in strategy execution, was founded in 2003 by former executives of “Big Four” consulting and Wall Street firms. At iAgility, we focus on finding the best financial services and high-end information technology consultants to join our team. Our goal is to revolutionize the online business consulting by offering mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities for consultants and clients. We take the time to get to know all our clients and consultants rather than relying on rigid AI algorithms or machine learning to match a client to a consultant. Our commitment to innovative business model transformation has allowed us to reduce our operating costs, and we take pride in passing on these savings to our clients. At iAgility we are committed to provide quality service and on time delivery regardless of the size of the project. Our consultants provide complete set of personalized solutions covering a wide range of projects in the tech and financial services industries. iAgility provides experts who not only excel in developing personalized digital experiences for business customers but also known for executing digital differentiation initiatives and optimizing performance of processes through advanced tools, software, and applications. iAgility has a core talent base to execute digital strategies enhancing organizations adaptability to globalization and scalability. We believe that the most productive consulting relationships are collaborative.