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Kenlomax Landscaping

Kenlomax Landscaping


Kenlomax Landscaping

from New Zealand
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Who among us has not walked or driven past a home or business that was being worked on by professional landscapers and noticed the difference between it and an amateur job. So then what is it that makes such a huge difference? The answer to that is that the pros use proven garden design Christchurch techniques. Testing and conditioning your planting soil should be primary on your list. Check its ph level to make sure that it's down around or so. Then you have to keep in mind that in the building of your house and the digging for its foundation, all of the good topsoil was probably scraped away. Use some mulch or peat moss to fluff it back up so it will hold water, and air better. No doubt about it but that you have seen large craggy landscape boulders used to add character to a professionally done job on a home or commercial building. It's an easy one step tool that can make a huge difference. The problem most do it yourself homeowners have though, is that they're unprepared for what big boulders cost. Think of them as an investment. Now water features like little fish ponds are just so amazing and they look, sound and smell so natural and wonderful down at the nursery or home decorating showroom. What they don't tell you thought is that because they have fish in them you can't add chlorine to the water, so they're very difficult to keep up. Consider an off the shelf waterfall system instead for garden design Christchurch. Then another common mistake that do it yourselves make, is they fail to properly deal with shading from the hot sun if they live in a warm climate. They plant some small trees; count on them to grow while they go about doing their ground cover. It's doing it backwards. Consider paying extra for large trees or awnings before you plant sun sensitive foliage. Your last bit of advice is to take the time to install an irrigation system first if you live in a temperate climate. It doesn't have to be large and elaborate either, and in fact all that's needed sometimes is just a few lines running to big sprinklers to spray the entire yard. Or if water is expensive where you live look into a drip irrigation system with garden design Christchurch.