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What movie should I watch? Raters is a simple and fun way to discover great movies based on reviews from people whose movie taste you trust. Rate, comment and share your reviews and get instant movie recommendations from friends and the Raters community! Where to watch? Raters suggests 250+ platforms to watch your movie of choice. Whose Taste to Trust? Raters will match you to other users with similar taste and you will start getting great recommendations immediately. Want to find a movie to watch? It is just 3 clicks away! Our unique algorithm suggests movies approved by people whose movie taste matches yours. Follow more people and get more tailored recommendations. Group recommendations Raters is the first platform that provides instant personalized recommendations to two or more people. Tag your friends and get recommendations for the whole group! Recommendations Filters Filter your recommendations by genre, duration, release date, and much more. Raters Friends Reviews See the most important information for every movie, including reviews from Raters friends and where to watch online.