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White Swan Mobile Phone

White Swan Mobile Phone


Whiteswan Mobilephone

from New Zealand
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Founded back in 2013, White Swan Mobile Phone is a professional mobile phone and tablet repair company, based in Auckland. We specialise in repairs for Apple iPhones, Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy devices, although other services are available, including laptop repair and screen fixing for Sony, and Nokia phones. Our physical store is located at 151 White Swan Road, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1041 and we service the local community with pride. However, thanks to our affordable and secure postal service, which covers the entire country, you can confidently turn to us for your mobile repair needs, regardless of where you live in New Zealand. If you require further information, please visit our ‘Contact‘ page. There, you will find details on how to find us, how to get in touch and how to make payments into our bank account, as well as an online contact form. Located in the middle zone of Auckland, we offer a high-quality mobile phone and tablet repair service, at an economical price. Best of all, our services are extremely quick. Indeed, for local customers, we are able to provide either a one-hour quick fix, or an overnight repair service for most devices. Our $10 courier service mean that White Swan Mobile Phone offers completely affordable repairs for people all across the country. Moreover, we are able to offer a completely free inspection of your broken device(s). This means that if we encounter a problem we cannot fix, you will not be charged a consultation fee.