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Since the past decade, several apps have stormed into the app store. Many of them have their own type of tough competition. The key to making the app truly outstanding is to make it different! In today's competitive era, 35% of users are less than a minute engaged in an app. If they encounter a functionality problem, the app will be uninstalled immediately. Therefore, keeping the best features in place is very important so that it keeps the user engaged. Therefore, the problem that most developers are thinking about is, "How do you make your app successful?" Let's take a look at the essentials for a successful app. • Researching the Market and the Audience Correctly • Creating a 360 degrees User Experience • Rendering it compatible on Android and iOS platforms • Methodical Testing and Quality Assessment • Marketing and Mobile App Launch Updating an application is an ongoing operation-you can never release a perfect app. The essential element that can make or break the app is sensitivity to user feedback. To attract more users and retain the current user base, mobile apps need to be re-launched and updated at appropriate intervals. Through observing the number of users and the revenues earned, you will benchmark your mobile app success. The number of users includes such factors as the volume of downloads, target users, statistics, and other quantitative metrics. As for revenue, you need to look at getting monetary traction through either paid downloads, in-app purchases, or advertisement displays. ClickRipple helps organizations to develop their digital products and can help you and your teams build a successful app. Contact ClickRipple, the best app developers in Toronto, at 647-545-2544 or log on to www.clickripple.com for more details.