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IOT Research Labs

IOT Research Labs


IOT Research Labs

from India
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We have a product called FleetConnect, where we use IoT, sensors & analytics to simplify vehicle fleet management. Our solution help companies increase operational efficiency, safety, curb pilferage and ultimately drive profitability up to 20% by taking data-driven decisions. We have over 100 B2B customers across India including Fortune 500 companies and growing at a rapid pace. Some of the core features of our platform are: 1. Real-time accurate GPS, fuel, load, temperature, humidity, biometric, door, camera tracking & monitoring of vehicles 2. Real-time Information on driver behaviour, location, speed, fuel, vehicle status, geo-fencing etc 3. Route Analytics, Maintenance module, Insightful MIS reports 4. Instant Alerts in case of anomalies. 5. API’s for blockchain & ERP integration and much more