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Designolog Kaloyan Petrov

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The primary design goal is to be minimal and subtle (did you notice the slight texture on the backgrounds?), while being smooth, vibrant and engaging in interactions. It is a challenge to come up with an inviting interface that uses no project thumbnails or the usual portfolio filters, but still keep the focus to my work. This is my playground to experiment with design and show-off my creative problem-solving thinking, a unique opportunity to convey my style and general art direction, without saying a single word about it. Target goal is amazing user experience, which requires extremely fast page load and smooth 60fps animations. There’s no fancy CMS or server-side processing technology to slow things down. The solution lies in all custom code and Gulp processes that build static assets. Minimalism was key here as well: do I need jQuery for few helpers? No – the full front-page size is less than that of uncompressed jQuery library alone. CSS/SASS Library used is UI Kit. I used less than 15% of its total features – so all unnecessary JS functions and CSS rules are removed. The final HTML, JS and CSS assets are compressed with Brotli and the result is amazing loading time, no latency for server processing and the most amazing – a total front-page size fits in an extremely low budget of 200KB! I also use the high performance and SEO friendly lazy loader for images – Lazysizes, and fullPage script for the full screen scrolling on the front-page.