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The Styling Mat

12 Sep 2019
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The Styling Mat


The Styling Mat

from United States
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Explore our exclusive, highly curated collection of vintage and new styling items. This is a one stop styling shop for the best styling surface on the market and absolutely any styling item you need!Under are two examples of flat lays that both have our cheesecloth going for walks through them to drag the whole lot together, but one appears chaotic and complicated to look at, the opposite looks cohesive with interesting strains that pull your eye by means of the frame. The anchor of the material is an fundamental factor of the final photo, but doesn’t work at all within the first. Why? The first image has strains pointing all over the place the situation. There are straight strains conflicting with circular shapes and a smattering of objects and colors signifies that your eye doesn’t have at any place to relaxation. The 2d image has clear distinctions that show your eye where to head. The traces are pointing in the identical course, there are two sides to look at and rest for a couple of seconds, and the colours are all within the identical palette which makes it less difficult for the attention to digest all of it. Pick a area, make that the focal point, after which consider to make use of symmetry and simplicity to entire the flat lay. If you preserve adding objects and don’t recognize the place to place them, take a few of them away. Less is more in a flat lay, and lots of items will also be very difficult to assemble in a entertaining manner. As you development with your flat lay talents, adding extra layers of objects will emerge as easier.