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from Spain
Categories Photography, Shopping, Social Colours Maroon

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Wemories is our way of making unforgettable moments last forever. You will be able to turn a memory into a present in a new and original way: the Wemory Box. A special present for you or yours, where you can store from one to twelve memories forever. A box that becomes a time capsule. Why Wemories? On one afternoon in 2009, Angelina, one of our grandmothers, found a wooden cupboard in the attic while spring-cleaning. Inside it was a dusty cardboard box that had not been opened for years. She opened it and discovered tens of letters and pictures from when she and her future husband were courting in the thirties, from the wedding… Months afterwards, Angelina kept those almost forgotten memories fondly; looking at those pictures and reading those letters helped her remember times almost lost in memory. One day, after spending the afternoon reading letters she said something like: “these days with the Internet, you can’t do this”. And with that, Angelina planted a seed. We had been talking about starting a business together for some time. Angelina’s words made us realise that although our lives are ever increasingly spent in a digital environment, we didn’t know of a place where we could easily store, organise and share our most meaningful memories. This was our starting point. We started working to find a solution to that problem. And Wemories was born.