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Day One Agency

26 Feb 2020
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Day One Agency


Day One Agency

from United States
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If you don’t have anything relevant to say, you’ll never be heard. It all starts with the right story. And the right story can move the world. In thinking through D1A.com V2, the team honed in on the company’s mission, vision and process: Treat every day like it’s Day One, build the story and share it in a scroll-stopping way. We evolved our type and our branding, which we chose to display across a bookish two-panel split as a nod to storytelling. Our agency’s personality is visible via the liberal use of GIFs, the showcasing of our people in their element and the unexpected color palette, which is decidedly “Day One-y.” Just like us, the site ignores tradition and expectation and is a manifestation of how we look at things with fresh eyes, each and every day. The site, in short, is Day One.