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superReal (part of Dept)

from Germany
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"Arqueonautas, the casual lifestyle brand for women and men, presents a new online concept featuring a fresh design. The ARQUEONAUTAS brand stands for adventure and exciting experiences. The designers of this premium brand develop exclusive casual fashion featuring maritime roots. With high standards set on quality and a love to special details, this fashion is made especially for active women and men. The new website design ensures brand shopping becomes a truly emotional brand experience. Within the scope of the extensive website relaunch, not only have the superReal agency completely redesigned the online shop area, the agency have also created new areas which focus on the values and the heritage of the brand. Serving as the key visual of the brand is actor Kevin Costner, who, as a partner and co-owner of ARQUEONAUTAS, has been a member of the crew for many years now and gives the user a very personal view into his life and style, which tie him closely to ARQUEONAUTAS. Thanks to the direct link to the shop area, the website creates a holistic, emotional experience with the brand. The newly developed corporate design can also be seen in the editorial area on the website, which exudes the look and feel of a print magazine in its choice of typography and other elements. For the newsletter, too, a completely new template has been developed and designed in line with the new corporate identity. As part of the new design for the online shop area, a photo briefing for the product photography was developed which features large-format images to highlight the high quality of the items. It also serves to inspire the user to shop thanks to the use of changing theme worlds and product recommendations. In the new magazine area, for which the superReal agency developed a new logo, the user will find a host of information on the authentic history and the environmental engagement of Arqueonautas as well as exciting stories and breathtaking photos of the numerous expeditions that the Arqueonautas team has undertaken. superReal likewise developed the content strategy for the magazine, and the story takes the user along on the adventures of the Arqueonautas crew – letting them dive into the impressive world of the brand."