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superReal (part of Dept)

from Germany
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"The premium women’s fashion retail brand AppelrathCüpper is launching a new, comprehensive online store. For over 130 years, AppelrathCüpper customers have enjoyed a personal retail ambience with a top-quality product range featuring 150 leading international brands. superReal has brought this emotional retail experience to the new online store, which provides amazing service, modern design and diverse features that invite users to discover the premium product range offered by AppelrathCüpper. High-quality brand features such as brand portrait pages complement the store’s new look and feel. The online magazine has a modern blog-style design and offers a mix of editorial content and products that can be purchased directly. The design of the new online store is fully responsive, guaranteeing optimum browsing on both desktop and mobile devices. The Contentserv PIM (product information management) system installed and configured by superReal displays all product management processes and enables centralised control. An interface was programmed to exchange data between Contentserv, OXID Enterprise Shop and the ERP software Microsoft Navision. In addition to the online store, superReal was also responsible for designing the AppelrathCüpper newsletter, which is dispatched and processed using the cutting-edge email marketing software “Optivo”. The partnership between superReal and AppelrathCüpper began several years ago when the agency designed and took over management of the retail brand’s corporate site. Software and sR products that were used: - Store: OXID Enterprise Edition - PIM: Contentserv - ERP: Microsoft Navision - Email marketing: Optivo - sR CMS - sR Catalog - sR Merchant Center - sR Performance - sR Search "