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The GOAT Finding the NBA s greatest ever player

05 Jun 2015
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The GOAT Finding the NBA s greatest ever player



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32 LEGENDS. SIX WEEKS. FIVE ROUNDS.ONE G.O.A.T This interactive project uses public votes to help identify the NBA's Greatest.Of.All.Time (G.O.A.T). We use a seeding system (shown below) to generateinitial match-ups and the competition takes place across five rounds over six weeks. At the end of this period you will have voted to narrow down a field of 32 legends of the game and uncovered the NBA's overall G.O.A.T. Play through the match-ups, selecting your preferred player. Players with the most votes from match-ups will progress to the next round. Don't forget to both hit social media to both share the experience with your friends so they can vote, and participate in the #GOAT debate.