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  • Dmitrii Lagunov

    Dmitrii Lagunov

    I’m a digital designer who is designing products with simplicity in mind and committed to make the world easier to use. I strive to focus on design as the primary tool of user interaction in each point of contact which helps to ensure the integrity of brand perception, increases involvement and stimulates growth.

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  • snusvikings


    At Snus Vikings, we provide legal nicotine pouch products as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Join us in your journey to quit smoking and embrace a smoke-free lifestyle, both in the UK and worldwide.

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  • Superlist


    Superlist is a new productivity app that let's you combine tasks and notes in a beautiful, cross-platform application, that can be used by teams and individuals alike

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  • Bolton Studios LLC

    Bolton Studios LLC

    Bolton Studios LLC is a Kansas web design company that provides graphic design, web development, applications, and SEO marketing services for businesses throughout the United States.

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    DBETA is a an agency that specialises in creating and designing websites. We blend imaginative design with innovative concepts to offer clients a clear and consistent message across all touchpoints. Our primary focus is crafting sites and marketing materials that genuinely reflect your brand

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  • Artax Digital Solutions

    Artax Digital Solutions

    Award-winning web design, development, content writing, branding and SEO services in Toronto. We make stunning websites that grow your business.

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  • Twire Digital

    Twire Digital

    Twire is a dynamic design agency located in the vibrant city of Miami.

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    I value creativity and design of the highest quality. How do I know that? On the surface, I know because I am an award-winning designer and all the clients I worked for, from USA, Europe, UK to Australia, have confirmed that. I have been in the Jury of the most prestigious website design competition body - Awwwards - in the past 3 years, having the opportunity to assess worldwide known websites, such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla, Apple and many other big agencies and studios. My assessment has extended beyond design, being able to evaluate usability, creativity and content. However, what matters more though is that deep down, I know what I value because I valued creativity since I know myself. Design has always been my hobby and passion. My creativity covers UI/UX, Web, Visual and Branding design and I bring more than 25 years of experience in those areas in every project. I challenge the status-quo of web experiences and create completely innovative but usable user interfaces that simply work. I always go an extra mile to bring that special something into Website, Branding and IOS/Android apps design, and I make sure people around me understand and embody the same attitude. Lately, I am extending this mindset towards my own digital agency, Trionn® : https://trionndesign.com

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  • Multivitamin Studio

    Multivitamin Studio

    We build value for our clients. We push the possible. We improve our future.

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  • Maria Shalimova

    Maria Shalimova

    Graphic and web designer. Work on Tilda. I use Figma and Adobe.

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  • Rapid IT Services

    Rapid IT Services

    We’re Rapid IT – a leading managed IT services company based in Boca Raton, Florida. For us, IT support is all about rapid response. No matter the severity of your problem, we aim to have you online with a support technician within 60 seconds or less. That’s the Rapid IT guarantee.

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  • Bionic Egg Design

    Bionic Egg Design

    At Bionic Egg, we don’t just develop websites…we design remarkable brands. We work with each of our clients to create a gorgeous online user experience – tapping into the deep knowledge we’ve gleaned from our 16 years in the business. Through great branding and creative web design, we convert your visitors into your customers.

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