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Dhanpat Saran

from India
Categories Health Colours Pink

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"Unived was founded in 2010 and our first product was released for sale in 2012. That says a lot – we are not slow, we are just sure. On average it takes us a little over a year to complete a product release. In that year, our R&D team works tirelessly to ensure we don’t overlook even the smallest of details – thereby ensuring you get a superior natural dietary supplement with maximum bio-availability and bio-efficacy. At Unived, we promise to offer you innovative, quality, vegan healthcare products that are inspired by nature and based on research, and are manufactured by us, in our 100% vegan facility. Browse our departments to find exactly what your body needs, whether you're focused on improvement, recovery, or overall wellness. Find vitamins and supplements to keep you balanced, protein shakes and fitness products to elevate your workouts, digestion aids and probiotics, healthy weight management products, and much more. You'll even find essential oils and aromatherapy to re-energize your living spaces. Within each department, you can narrow down your search even further to find the specific brands and products that will help you reach your goals."{