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from India
Categories Art, Photography, Social Colours Black

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Logext is an Android application that quickly Add a Copyright Logo and Text on your Photos using Logext (Logo & Text). Logext (Logo & Text) is a free-to-use best Photo Editing Application that watermark your pictures with “LOGO, TEXT and STICKERS” that includes, Classy Fonts and Words Phrases Copyright Logo  Trademark Stickers  Fun Emoji Photo Stickers Create beautifully customized typography on your photos with many stylish arrangements. Make Best Use of LOGEXT both personally & professionally! Create Facebook Cover  Create Pinterest Ad  Decorate images with Stickers  Create Birthday images  Add Text to image for creating Quotes Add emoji to pictures  Add Copyright to photo  Watermark photos to keep them secure Create personalized photos for social media sharing  Increase Brand Awareness The features of Logext:- 1) Watermark Photos with Logo 2) Copyright Logo 3) Love Stickers 4) Emoji Stickers  5) Birthday Stickers 6) Thank You Stickers and many more. By summing up all these amazing features, make your photos more attractive and add personalized stickers to your photos.